Taking Care of Your Car Part 2

When purchasing tyres it is best to avoid remoulds even though they are a cheaper option. It is far better to get a cheap budget tyre from a car garage or you can even get new tyres delivered to your door if you ring up certain companies. Always have a figure in mind and ring around. You can pick up a cheap tyre such as a Goodyear or Dunlop tyre for around £35. If you go to a garage simply tell them that you only want to spend this much and they will usually try and accommodate you.
It is best when driving to not be over heavy on the throttle and the brakes. By braking hard you will be wearing the brake discs and pads. These are very expensive and so it is far better to look well ahead when driving and predict what the traffic is likely to do. If you are less forceful with the throttle you will not damage the throttle openings. All of these ways will help to reduce your petrol bills.

Joining a breakdown service can be relatively cheap if you cannot easily change a tyre on the roadside. Tesco offers a cheap option but is limited to how far they will tow you home. It is far more sensibly to pay around £30 a year for this service rather than pay to have your car recovered.

Taking Care of Your Car Part

When servicing your car always ensure that you get the service book stamped as this is needed to help sell your car later on in its life for a good price. Avoid using the dealership for your service, it is much better to use an independent garage. Make sure that they are approved and are VAT registered. There are many schemes such as The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. By using an independent garage you will save money on labour costs and provided they use the same parts there will be no difference in quality.

To keep your wheels looking good I recommend using Turtle Wax acid cleaner on your alloy wheels. This product is suitable for regular use and more stubborn brake dust can be removed using a brush. Meguires acid cleaner can be used less frequently and is much more concentrated for sparse usage. AutoGlym make good products for your car body. The wax is good for protecting the paintwork from fading and corrosion from acid rain. Aim to do this once every six months to keep the shine.

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