How to Locate Hard to Find Auto Parts

Hard to find Auto Parts, quite a challenge. That really cherry 1991 Yugo sitting in the driveway. Perfect, except the brakes are getting a little weak. Where in the world can you find a new set of brake pads for a car that was only seen on the American highways for such a short period of time.

In the scope of hard to find car parts, this is a bad example. A quick search on the internet for Yugo brake pads resulted in determining they are readily available for $49.95. Who would a thunk. It does point out one thing, what you may consider hard to find may actually be very accessible with very little effort.

Lets look at something a bit harder, say a door handle for a Model T Ford. Again the internet provided surprising results. A quick order to a specialty company that handles reproduction and NOS (New Old Stock) parts for early Fords will have a door handle on its way for the price of $24.95

The point has been made, for a part to be hard to find it must really be something very limited in production run, or dating back to the beginning of the automotive culture.

Today’s car collector or restoration buff has many resources available to them. The internet by far being the easiest, and most complete way to find that special little piece that may be missing from your concourse level restoration project.

All is not lost if the internet fails you in your search. You’re not alone in your quest to secure that missing item.

Search for clubs that may revolve around your particular make and model. Early Ford clubs, Chevy clubs, even Stutz Bearcat clubs are out there. What your looking for may be sitting on the self in the garage of one of their members.

Find listings for swap meets, they also can be specialized events. This would reduce the amount of digging in miscellaneous boxes hoping by chance what you need will be there.

Re-manufacturing, many local companies will rebuild, or repair your existing part so an actual replacement isn’t necessary. Chrome shops can make a pitted piece like new, master cylinders can have their wear parts replaced, clutch disks can be rebuilt with new lining. Don’t throw out that old part, just because it has reached the end of its supposedly useful life.

Word of mouth through fellow colleagues’ will spread the word. A friend of a friend of the guy in the next town might have what you need. The more people you ask, the better the odds of finding a lead.

To further that approach, running ads in club newsletters, and subject related periodicals may garner you a lead to your elusive part.

There are many ways to hunt out that one last remaining part to completer your project, sometimes the fun is in the search.

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