How to Get the Best Deal on Car Parts

My husband and I drive a 1992 Toyota Camry. This Camry has over 260,000 miles on it and is still running. However, because of its age and mileage we have had to replace a few parts on it, as well as maintain things like the brakes. We do the repairs ourselves, which saves us quite a lot, however buying parts yourself can also save you money, and this is how.
The first is that most auto parts stores will match or beat prices. Locally we have AutoZone, Checkers, and Car Quest. When we need a part for our car, the first thing we ever do is look up the numbers for these places. My husband then places a call to AutoZone asking how much the part is. Let’s say we are looking for brake pads. AutoZone tells my husband $50. He then calls Checkers, and they tell him they cost $50 as well. My husband tells Checker that AutoZone can get him that same price, so Checkers lowers their price to $45. At this point we call Car Quest. After explaining that he can get the brake pads at Checkers for $45, Car Quest tells him they will sell him the brake pads for $40. Always get the name of the person you speak to when you call, and when you get the lowest price you can, go to that store, mention who you spoke to, and you will always get the lowest price for that part.

How to Get the Best Deal on Car Parts

The second thing is if you don’t have to have the part new, then don’t get it new. Places like junkyards will often allow you to tear pieces off of other cars. We have a local place called Pick A Part that gives you a wheel barrow and you can just go back, and if you find what you need you just take it off the car. We’ve replaced almost our entire left wheel suspension system by doing this (we purchased new shocks, but that’s it). Purchasing this new would have cost us well over $300, but purchasing it from the junkyard cost us $50. It works just as well as a new suspension and saved us $250.

The third thing is to almost never purchase parts from the dealership! If you’re car is still under warranty and the repair is covered, then by all means go through the dealership. But once your car is no longer under warranty avoid the dealership. The dealership always charges more for the parts than any car place and they will usually try to install them to, even if you don’t want them too.

My dad owned a 2002 Buick LeSabre with all the bells and whistles. In two years he spent more money on repairs and car parts than my husband and I have in the four years we’ve had this Camry. Follow these tips and you could save yourself a bundle!

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