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Fossil of the Year – on video!

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4 Responses to “Fossil of the Year – on video!”

  1. Fred says:

    Just writing to thank you for this very important award and I hope that we win it again next year. Just wondering how you all got to Denmark? Did you swim? Did you flap your little arms and fly? Maybe you rowed over in an environmentally friendly row boat with recyclable oars. How much fossil fuel did you burn on your travels and your little show just to be there. You could have watched the results on TV or listened to them on the radio or read about it. LONG LIVE THE TAR SANDS!!!

  2. Brains of this Operation says:

    Wow, after watching that video, it’s hard to take this group seriously. Clearly it’s just a bunch of idiots trying to get their 15 minutes of fame.

    Good luck trying to get any sucess or recognition beyond this pathetic website.

  3. Jim Stallings says:

    By picking on Canada, and ignoring major polluters like China, just shows how
    ignorant and out of touch your ridiculous and petty group really is.

  4. Anne L. says:

    Just because you listen to Al Gore’s film doesn’t make man-made global warming a fact. Stop being brainwashed by him and other people like the IPCC “scientists” who are anything but scientists. They have a political agenda to suck up wealth from wealth producing countries and give it to the poorer countries with a blind eye. That’s what cap and trade is all about. It should rather be called cap and steal. Also, Canada exploits its MANY natural resources that the world needs in order to live, even those western European countries who arrogantly call themselves the champions of the environment. Of course they call themselves champions because they buy our natural resources. Canada is northern countries with many natural resources like trees, water, minerals, fossil fuels. We are blessed here. Those natural resource industries can’t drastically reduce emissions. It’s impossible. Also, your fossil of the year award is all political. You guys are madly in love with Obama and communism in China that you guys decided not to give the biggest polluters this award. Instead, you gave it to Canada, a country that happens to have a Conservative government. You guys are anti-conservatives. This whole global warming fraud is a scheme to kill the center-right ideology that is in favour of rewarding people for their hard work.

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